What to Consider Before Getting Botox Syracuse NY

Botox has become a popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure option for people seeking to correct a flaw or reduce the effects of aging since the FDA approved the procedure in 2002. Even more so in Syracuse, New York, Botox is becoming a popular thing among its residents.

Despite its increasing popularity, there is a lot of misinformation out there, and as they say, ignorance is a disease. If you are interested in getting a Botox, here is all you need to consider before getting one in Syracuse, NY.


What Does Botox Mean?

Botox, otherwise known as botulinum toxin, is a drug injected into the skin to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. Botox is from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and as the name suggests, it is very poisonous. However, when used correctly, it can achieve desired beauty effects.

Things to Consider Before Getting Botox in Syracuse, NY

  1. Where You Are Getting Your Procedure

There are a lot of quacks offering Botox fillers for a lesser price. Before you decide on getting Botox, you need to consider where you will be actually getting one. Are they registered, do they have the necessary certificates, and are they qualified with experience?

Yes, Botox will improve your features, but your health is also paramount. To avoid complications, do your research, ask where your Botox injectable is coming from, and confirm that it is a credible source before committing. If you’re looking for a good place to get your Botox done in Syracuse, NY, check here.

  1. Price

You must consider costs in your area before committing to a particular place. Chances are you are getting a bad deal if prices you’re getting are too low. You may also get an under price if your doctor is getting the Botox illegally.

Prices in Syracuse NY might be on the high end since there is a huge demand for cosmetic procedures here.

To be on the safe side, call around your area to find the price range and then plan towards having your procedure. That way, by the time you are ready, you will be able to afford a good one.

  1. Scheduling a Consultation

Going for a consultation before getting your Botox done is a must! Prior consultation will help you prepare for the procedure, as well as what to expect. Your doctor will also use this time to discuss with you the risks, treatment options available, and the expected results.

  1. Recovery Plan

You will need to plan about your recovery ahead of your procedure. It is usual for your doctor to advise to lay off make-up, avoid any intense sun, strenuous activities, exercises, pain killers, and sudden movements for some time as this could cause scar tissues to form and impede healing. It is advisable to place everything you need for your recovery close by since your movements will be limited.

Apart from exercises and pain killers, you may also be required to stay off certain items such as multivitamins, ginger, green tea, red wine, and fish oil a week before treatment. So, plan accordingly.

  1. Botox is a Temporary Solution

Botox is cool, but alas, it is a temporary solution. A botulinum toxin injection averagely lasts for 3 to 6 months, after which another procedure may have to be done. Although the wrinkles usually appear less harsh before the first session, a touch-up may still be necessary. Now that you know Botox injections are not permanent, are you ready for such a financial commitment?

  1. Age Matters

When it comes to Botox, the younger ones have it better. Experts say that Botox injections are more preventative than surgical; this means that younger patients are more liable to erase wrinkles and linings than older adults. So, if you are an older person getting Botox, surgical-like results may not happen overnight, which explains the trend to get Botox in your early twenties.

As fantastic as it sounds to prevent wrinkles from happening for a young person literally, the financial commitment needed for continuous Botox injections may be very discouraging.

  1. Botox May Not be Ideal for Everyone

As harmless as Botox may seem, it is not for everyone. People with neurological diseases should not use Botox. Also, breastfeeding mums or pregnant women shouldn’t use Botox.

  1. Consider Adding Fillers or Thread Lifts to Your Botox Treatment

Getting Botox alone might not give you the youthful look you desire. However, adding other treatments such as fillers or thread lifts can make a huge difference. Fillers will add volume and contour to your lips and face, while thread-lifts lift the face without surgery.



Aging is something everyone has to deal with sooner or later, and its effects can reduce self-confidence significantly. However, with non-surgical procedures like Botox, you can regain your confidence in no time. Deciding to get Botox may be conflicting at times, but always remember that whatever decision you come to, safety should be your primary concern.


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