Skin whitening tips for girls and boys

Benefits of cornflour to enhance the beauty

There are many creams available in the market for which everyone wants their skin to have a refreshing and irritating appearance of scars and wrinkles, which can bus to avoid excessive deterioration and make the skin attractive. I will tell you some easy and natural home remedies for skin whitening. These beauty tips for girls and boys.

Mix the basin daily with water and massage it lightly for 5 to 10 minutes. It will remove the color of the face and do not require any other creams. The basin has been used for centuries to remove the color. Makes the skin charming

Elvira’s pulp Mix one spoon milk and one teaspoon of cornflour in one cup and mix them all thoroughly. The paste will become a thick paste. If the paste does not become thick, add cow’s milk for 1 minute. Massage and wash the face with water after 20 minutes. Using it twice a week will help to refresh the skin and remove the scars.

Mix dry turmeric and milk in the basin for dry skin and honey for 15 minutes on the face.

When dry, rinse thoroughly with water

For the greasy skin, mix the rosewater in the basin and apply it on the face. When the mask is dry, wash the face with semi-warm water.

Skin whitening with honey

Many of the effects of climate change also apply to our skin; sometimes, skin color begins to darken, but there are facial rashes that appear to cause distress, but now these problems have been resolved. ۔

Let us tell you some tips that you can use to help you get rid of dark skin.


l One teaspoon of country powder

l one teaspoon honey

l One teaspoon of lemon juice,

l half teaspoon almond oil

How to make

Mix all these things thoroughly and make a like paste and apply it on the face, allow the paste to remain on the face for 15 minutes, and then wash the face with fresh water. Its continuous use will make your face shine and clean.


l One teaspoon flour

l Two teaspoons of milk

l 2 to 3 drops lemon juice

How to make

Mix all these ingredients and make the paste and allow them to fatigue for 15 minutes. Use it daily for four weeks, then use it once a week, and your color will turn gray.

Skin whitening using yogurt

One of the main reasons for the use of yogurt is that it contains lactic acid, which is batter known for whitening the complexion. Even before you wash your face in the morning, gently apply the yogurt on your face, and gently apply it on the facial skin. When the yogurt is used on your face and neck thoroughly, allow it to stay awhile so that the lactic acid can work well. After 12-15 minutes, wash the mouth with cold water and dry it gently. Repeating this method for about one to 2 months daily will see that the color of your face and neck may have increased bluish.

Use of yogurt and honey

By the way, using the only yogurt can give you great results, but even if mixed with a teaspoon of honey in the mouth and mouth, your complexion will be quite clean and gray. Gently apply the yogurt and honey mixture on the face and neck skin and after 20 to 25 minutes wash with cold water.

Potato Mask For Skin lightning

If you want to improve the color of the skin, apply a potato mask on the face. Peel the raw potato and divide it into 2 parts. Take one piece and crush it well and spread it on the cloth. Apply it overnight. Throughout the night, the skin will absorb the skin. After washing your face with water in the morning, wash your face after washing it.

Boil turnips and carrots in water and crush them and allow this mixture to absorb for one hour on all faces. Then wipe the face with soaked cotton milk. This will clear the color of your face and wash it.

Lemon juice and olive oil are also beneficial for smooth skin. Combine a tablespoon of olive oil in a lemon juice. Steam the face and squeeze in cold water with a cotton swab. With this asshole, apply this lemon and olive lip to the face and gently pat the face and neck. Allow to soak for about 10 minutes and then remove it with dry cotton. Now, softly massage the skin with a scoop of muslin or apply some good lotion.

Mix the original honey and the upper face to get the color; it will also remove the stains on the face.

Skin whitening with Sandal powder

I bring it, but if there is a sudden emergency and there is no glue on the face, then their anxiety increases.

It gives you a sneak peek at which your face will shine in fifteen minutes and provide a natural look to your face.

: Recipe making ingredients

Sandalwood powder —– One tablespoon

Almond powder —– One tablespoon

Yogurt —– A tablespoon of food

Lemon juice —– Five drops

: How to make a recipe

Mix all the ingredients well; the paste will be ready.

: How to use

Apply this paste on your face and allow it to remain for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash the face. After washing your face, you will be surprised to see your complexion. Must use this home remedy for skin whitening. You try this home remedy for more whiteness of your skin and attractive your face.

Milk Benefits for skin whitening 

Milk is used in various ways to drink and in the form of multiple drinks, which serve as an excellent food for health and fitness. The use of milk prevents the face from wrinkling because the proper amount of fat maintains the vitality of the body.

Washing the face with fresh milk reveals its complexion, which enhances beauty. In ancient times, donkey milk has been used as a body and as a bath. It is written in the history that Queen Saba, Cleopatra, and Helen used to bathe in donkey milk for auspicious beauty.

Massage the face with milk before going to bed at night, then gently wipe the face with a cotton or soft cloth after ten minutes to make the blush and flaky skin look beautiful and attractive. After waking up in the morning, wash the face with warm water. This is the perfect prescription for the dry face shades and spots. This method of massage is especially beneficial in the winter season.


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