Andrew Joseph Zaragoza Jr. Impressive with his collection of poetry XI

There is no doubt poetry is the best way to express one’s emotions, life experience, feelings and everything else that’s pretty hard to express by other means. Being a poetry lover I always checkout  new releases, particularly the first collections of any poet. As per my experience a poet can be judged better through his debut collection. These are the poems where he will be expressing his natural thoughts, feelings and pure life experience. Most of the poets adopt a professional approach in the later work. That’s why I prefer the first work.

My recent experience was the exceptional one. I got an opportunity to read the pre-release version of poetry collection of Andrew Joseph Zaragoza Jr.titled XI. Based on the personal experience of the poet. Theme of this book is  love and relationships, hardship, perseverance, grit, wonder, and humanity.

 Actually the complete title of this book will give you a better idea, XI: A Collection of Poetry on Being Human. So he has presented his good and bad times, his feelings on different occasions. And the best thing about this book is his simple style. He didn’t try to be oversmart, didn’t use too complicated phrases or words. He just wanted to make the readers feel everything he has gone through all these years.

This book will inspire you to think, how similar we humans are. When we are alone or we are dejected we think same way, the pain we feel is the same, sorrows, happiness, everything is similar. So this book is not about the life of the poet, it’s the story of everyone around. I would appreciate his narration and selection of words. As I have mentioned above he never tried to be oversmart or tried to act like a professional poet who writes poetry for the sake of poetry. He indeed poured his heart on the paper. And that’s what makes it a perfect collection you should buy and keep.

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