Rise of The Panthers

The story opens with a news reporter by the name of Jasmine Jones who is at the scene of a murder: a young African American boy has been shot dead by an LAPD officer. The setting quickly changes as we are introduced to Travis Miller, an ordinary college student, who watches Jasmine on TV about the murder. The next day he meets up with his best friend, Janaye Freed, who suddenly gives him a cryptic message before disappearing.

In Travis’ pursuit to find Janaye, he catches the attention of an organization that is slowly gaining influence in the city of Los Angeles, The Panthers. He is soon ensnared by the organization’s ruthless agenda to challenge the executive authority over the city. At the same time the reporter, Jasmine Jones, tries to unravel The Panthers’ true motives after she gets a visit from her estranged sister. Both will soon be caught in the middle of a power struggle that will shake the very foundation of not only Los Angles but the nation itself. However, several questions remain: Who are The Panthers? What are they truly after? And how many lives have to be sacrificed for them to obtain their goal? The revolution is here and it will not be televised.

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