Avanti sportswear & streetwear

Avanti is about complete change. We have noticed that many people are living a life they truly don’t want to live or inside a body they don’t want to be in. Whether they are struggling with their weight or confidence. We are a Fitness, Health and Wellness company that helps people truly feel good about themselves again.

Starting with Fitness, we help people start feeling their best and helping them meet their goals. We offer comprehensive adaptive fitness plans that are personally tailored to our clients that want to change their life. With the smoothies that match with our fitness plans to help through their journey, whether it be energy boosting or just weight loss smoothies, best of all they are vegan!

We also provide supplements and vitamins that help with this transition. We have fashion apparel as well for helping those look their best! We help people express themselves and truly be who they ant to be with select styles that are sustainable and better for the environment. We have essential oils , fragrances and aromatherapy also because they help with this transition into a better you. Essential oils, when diffused, can relax and even give people a feeling of zen or tranquility. Talk about positive mental support!

There is a part of Avanti called the “Care Initiative” which is the non profit part of Avanti, where we give back and improve communities! How we do that is by creating events with purpose that improves how people see their surroundings. Whether it’s events that showcase the positive musical artists in that neighborhood or a fashion show that anybody can attend and be apart of, we truly want to initiate that positive WHERE-EVER we go. We are currently working to rebuild Minneapolis.

Our mission is to change the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of everyone. We do that by providing truly comprehensive workout guides, making an impact on the community, providing exceptional essential oils and having some of the best tasting smoothies you’ll ever have. Avanti helps you to look better so you feel better. We strive to make a significant impact on the things that matter to us most and that is you and our community.

This is a complete lifestyle change