Most beautiful silk-scarves from Damascus

Life is about feelings, the beauty of doing and the power of creating, about passion! All this is also in the silk weaving. For me it is also the story of my family, a love letter from my homeland and it fills me with joy to inspire people of these extraordinary fabrics and colors.

The craft of silk weaving is old, very old. Even the ancient kings have appreciated Brokat silk fabrics as something special.

When I stand on my over 200 years old jacquard machine, where my great-great-grandfather was already working, I weave old stories and new narratives into a whole. Thread by thread creates a work of art – Syrian Brokat.

Dive into the colors of Damascus.

What we offer is this feeling of being something special. As you guide your hands through our beautiful collection of silk-based products, you’ll see how each piece is artfully crafted. Our silk products stand for the best quality and the highest standards. These standards can be found in our entire collection of premium silk scarves, cashmere scarves and silk ties. Each piece of silk is special in its own way and flows like water over the skin. Our silk products are perfect for gifts, special occasions or to add some luxury to your wardrobe. We do our job with passion and with heart. The praise of our customers, how good our products look and feel, is our motivation. Now is the time to do it yourself.

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All natural silk products are selected by professional experts. In our shop in Innsbruck, you also have the opportunity to see our 220 years old loom. This piece of history has been used to produce amazing pieces over generations. Visit us in Tyrol / Innsbruck or buy in our online shop at: