Gabriel Smith Sr. introducing new book, “The Definition”


An unbelievable story of success, personal discovery, and never giving up.

Los Angeles, California 3/5/2019.

Some of the most inspiring books out there come from unique personal journeys. Some people think outside the line, and are brave enough to use their resources and intellect, walking outside the beaten road, and achieving something that’s completely out of the ordinary to become influencers and educators.

  This is definitely the case for author and motivational speaker Gabriel Smith Sr., whose unbelievable path through life inspired a brand new book, “The Definition.”

The book focuses on Gabriel’s road to success and self-help. As a survivor with a unique story, he is determined to share his experiences with the world, hoping to inspire, help, and guide others through the process of empowering themselves.

This book is a thought-provoking account of a man’s path towards becoming “The Definition” and change his life, showing others the way in the process.

Find out more about Gabriel Smith Sr. and check out “The Definition.”


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