attrativo represents the free spirit, the soul’s never-ending desire for freedom and their fashion creations express it with their minimalist yet original style: free and beautiful cuts, clear forms, boho dresses and kaftans, unisex models, oversized drapes silhouettes, varied, always new and eye-catching.

All garments are handmade to order, based on customer measurements, using quality natural fabrics and materials and crafted with impeccable quality. Never fear someone dressing like you again with a piece made especially for your taste and your measurements!

The designs feature a variety of different on-trend cuts, from drop-crotch pants to open back dresses. Many of the models are comfortable and oversized, another are deconstructed and extravagant, made from pure prewashed linen, cotton and silk. You can find there maxi dresses, party outfits, abaya dresses, jumpsuits, parkas, etc

Take a look on their new linen collection, named Linen Summer. This is an irresistible temptation to everybody, who look for soul and body comfort and unity.

The style is so unique and different than everything you have saw till the moment. Recently they were noticed by Paris and Milano talent hunters. May be your chance to get something from attrativo  is right now 🙂