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Check out one of my new favorite jeweler’s- her name is Noelle Miller, she’s a Los Angeles jewelry designer creating custom high end jewelry for her elite clientelle in Hollywood and Beverly Hills for over 15 years now. Her all handmade designs- rings, custom handcrafted wedding bands, earrings, bangles and necklaces are available to everyone and she ships to all countries worldwide via her Etsy shop.

One thought on “Noelle Miller Jewelry

  • December 16, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    I highly recommend anyone considering a purchase from Noelle Miller Jewelry to AVOID doing so. Noelle presents herself as a talented and artistic jewelry designer as well as a professional and reliable businesswoman . Sadly ,she is neither. A quick online search will show her designs aren’t unique or even her own with most having been borrowed from established jewelry designers. The quality of her work is subpar. Her floating Quartz ring is so poorly designed that the gold running through the Quartz tarnishes with no way to polish it, leaving a piece of tarnished gold the focal point of an otherwise beautiful piece of Quartz. The hammer finish work on her other pieces is flat and rough without the shimmer effect one gets from a truly talented goldsmith. To make matters worse she is consistently unprofessional in her correspondence and sales which has resulted in her Etsy shop being removed and her EBay shop the receipient of multiple negative feedbacks. Noelle Miller Jewelry seems to be a poor imitation of the talented and accomplished Melissa Joy Manning, who , time after time turns out beautiful and expertly crafted one of a kind pieces. Unless your desire is to spend your money with a rude unprofessional jeweler who may or may not ever deliver on your order, avoid this jeweler and buy elsewhere.

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