Tibetan and Nepali Handmade Artisan Crafts

Travelling through the Himalayas, you can immediately feel the kindness and generosity flowing from its people.

Upama Goods was started and is inspired by the same kindness and generosity. We believe that giving and sharing what one has multiplies the abundance around them, generating the ability to provide for and work towards a higher purpose.

This is why we give 25% of the proceeds from your purchases to assist underprivileged youth in Nepal gain access to education.

We partner with local schools which children are able to attend. We specifically work to assist children living in the slums and streets in obtaining an education. For children living in these conditions, education is seen as one of the only opportunities that could change their lives to rise above the poverty line. 25% of proceeds from your purchase include covering the costs of tuition, school materials, uniforms, meals, and in some cases, boarding for children who would otherwise be living in extremely impoverished conditions.

While travelling through Nepal, we form real bonds with local artisans throughout the country. These skilled creators come from long ancestral lines demonstrating skill and mastery. The handmade items available in the shop are of the highest quality that we have come across ourselves through our travels.

From semi-precious gemstones, to metals and fabrics, all these materials are directly sourced from the Himalayas. From the beginning of sourcing to the final product found in the shop, all goods have been passed through caring and giving hands. By purchasing handmade and local, you are directly supporting their craft and providing economic stimulus to multiple communities.

We aspire to offer you high quality products through commemorating tradition and giving back to communities throughout Nepal.

High quality silver plated bracelets. Purple gems are amethyst and the blue stones embedded into the bracelet are lapis lazuli. All metals and stones are from the Himalayas. Handmade under Vedic tradition.

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