23 Year Old Entrepreneur James Blake, Founder of Vindicta Digital Talks with us

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.  So James, What’s behind your love of business and tell us how Vindicta Digital came about?


Yes Not a problem at all. I fell in love with business at an early age.  I guess i was always either going to have a career in business or as an athlete. I wasn’t terrible at school, i guess i was intelligent enough but never really interested. I generally only cared about football and winning athletic tournaments – Therefore i didn’t get the most spectacular grades, i was only


ever interested in pursuing what i was actually interested in.  I think it’s hardwired into me.  I have a lot of family members who are successful entrepreneurs.

Wow, Cool! So how did you actually arrive at Marketing and Digital…It seems you were pretty keen on sport?

Yes i was – I left school following my A Levels, Immediately took on 3 jobs and started a part time degree in psychology.  At the time i was playing football for an Irish League Club, Lisburn Distillery.  However, my other work took up all my time so it wasn’t long berfore i stopped playing. (Still Miss it)


Anyway, the 3 jobs allowed me to save enough money to qualify as a personal trainer.  Once i done this i done a little market testing and worked as a PT for a while.  I then started an online company in which i connected trainers with their clients.  This worked really good. Through this i fell in love with Marketing and the power of Digital in general.


I then followed  the route to gain experience, fell into sales management and then worked for a Google Partner as a Marketing Consultant.  Following this i joined a Small Agency and quickly from a position of Sales became, Head of then got appointed as a Director. Following this period in my life in which i gained invaluable knowledge –  i founded Vindicta Digital


and here we are today.

Fantastic James – We see you’re now over in London also.  In your opinion how important is a strong digital presence for a business?

Yes we’re in London also.  A few of our creative team and SEO specialists are based in London.  We seem to be doing quite well in the London market as well as Belfast. Working alongside celebrities and large well known brands over there seem’s to do the selling for us. That being said, in Belfast and London alike we work with any size of business, company or entity.  Each client is as important as each other.

Excellent.  That’s a good ethos to have! So what’s the future goals and plans?

Thank you! Well to be honest, we have some really “Out there” idea’s and plans.  I can’t really say too much but it’s very exciting for us.  We are very much about advising our clients

on Modern Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social and more.  However i think in general i’d like to continue growing our client base and just really help out more companies in need of quality websites, marketing strategies and more.

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