A New Period Drama Heart Throb is Born, Francisco Ortiz

The eagerly awaited new movie of Hedda Gabler, recently premiered during the Henrik Ibsen festival, to an audience of scholars and Norwegians VIP’s.

Directed by Matthew John, it may be an independent, but one of the most sumptuous and lavish, I have seen yet


The film has an unknown cast, who have taken on very challenging roles and exceeded expectations in there acting performances. Rita Ramani’s portrayal of Hedda Gabler is award winning, thou what makes this film stand out from its previous adaptations, is that all the characters and actors are equally good. You almost feel as if you are watching a TV sitcom that focuses on various stories lines, rather than one central character.

Quote from Matthew John

“The characters aren’t stereotypical characters. Henrik Ibsen was an amazing writer who wrote multi dimension characters. For example, I didn’t want Judge Brack portrayed as just a theatre villain, I wanted him to be a real person. I wanted the audience to be emotionally involved with all the characters journeys. I wanted a ‘British Scoopy Gang” so to say.”

The casting is what sets this film apart from all other adaptations. It makes a pretty depressing story, engrossing and engaging.

The best way to highlight how the casting of this movie makes it possibly one of the best versions is by highlighting the character of Eilert Lovborg, played by Francisco Ortiz. A gentleman whom Hedda Gabler fantasies about with vine leaves in his hair. In previous adaptations actors Trevor Howard and Philip Bond were cast in the role.

1 2This is the new Lovborg – Francisco Ortiz.


If a period drama, Henrik Ibsen lover, this is definitely a must see film.


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Still From Movie. Francisco as Eilert Lovborg.

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