Australian Actor Alex Radu Stars In The Short Film ‘Code Green’ As Doctor Casey Haze

How do actors do what they do? That is, how do they immerse themselves in a completely different persona and then say their lines while ignoring the countless film crew members who are watching the performance from just a few feet away. Alex Radu, the Australian actor, seems to be able to do this kind of thing very well. In fact, he does it so well that it appears to be second nature to him. We’ve seen him in several projects and most recently, we were able to see the excellently produced and directed – and acted short film ​Code Green, ​ in which Alex had a pivotal role. He played Dr. Casey Haze.

Alex was a doctor in that very nice film and we mean that literally. It was as if we were watching a real person who had gone through years of medical school and residency and who had built up enough experience in operating rooms to have the confidence and demeanor of a genuine doctor. Alex’s character demonstrated all the elements of a full-fledged and multi-dimensional human being who was worthy and skilled enough to actually be standing in a surgical gown looking down on an anesthetized patient with his abdomen cut open.

Of course, Alex didn’t go through medical school but he did attend The Actors Workshop, in Brisbane, Queensland and AFTRS in Sydney where he trained with his mentor, the well-known and award-winning television personality, Tracey Spicer. He has also performed in numerous commercials​ ​ and​ ​ has been featured in TV shows and Web Series along with having key roles in​ ​ theatrical productions and feature-length motion pictures.

Alex is a serious actor who can comfortably and confidently step into any part he is cast in. When you see him on screen he enables you to suspend all disbelief that it is ‘acting’ simply because he has transformed completely into the character you are watching. Many actors can give good performances but gifted actors like Alex Radu can share their character’s soul with the audience. When they walk into a scene the onlookers instantly believe that they are seeing a real three dimensional person and not just an impersonation of another fictional character.