Bad Vicky and The Bliss Forum by Andrew Hetherington

The electronic music scene has a new player in up-and-coming Australian music producer Andrew Hetherington. Andrew specializes in producing high quality original songs in a variety of genres including downtempo, retrowave, rock and house. His music has been receiving a lot of attention in recent times being featured on radio, television and press in his home country and abroad.

Andrew is an independent artist who releases music on his own ‘Jam Junkie’ record label under his own name as well as several other artist names such as ‘Bad Vicky’ and ‘The Bliss Forum’.

Andrew showcases downtempo pop instrumentals and retrowave songs on his own profile, which have gained him a good following among fans of these genres of music. He has recently released a six-track EP of downtempo instrumentals entitled ‘Introspection’, which represents his best work to date in the downtempo genre and includes his latest single ‘The Greatest Joy’. He has just completed work on a new ten-track downtempo album entitled ‘Ones And Zeros’, which is set for release on the Jam Junkie label in early January 2020.

His latest projects ‘Bad Vicky’ and ‘The Bliss Forum’ are also generating a buzz in rock instrumental and EDM circles. Andrew plans to release a six-track EP by Bad Vicky featuring melodies and solos on overdriven and distorted electric guitar. Andrew’s music is available on all online streaming platforms.

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