British Filmmaker Evey Swayland’s Success Continues

If the British filmmaker Evey Swayland seems like a mild mannered, polite, very civilized and kind woman to you, then you would be absolutely, 100% correct. However, there is more to this extremely hardworking and talented, no-nonsense person than those wonderful and highly admired attributes. When she was growing up there were two things that she wanted to work on more than anything else: Top gear and Bond, James Bond. Well, by the time she reached the ripe old age of 25, Evey Swayland had achieved both of those dreams. All this simply means that besides the other great qualities she is known for, the one that some people miss when they are trying to figure her out is the one that put her in the center of the movie business right where she wanted to be from the beginning. She has vision and the will power to manifest her dreams, which most of us can only fantasize about.

It also means that she never believes in her doubts (if she ever has any) and that is an amazing and quite unique achievement all in its self.  She seems to know her limitations and then she adapts and adjusts her whole way of doing things in order to accomplish the goal that she currently has her eye on. Watching her progress from the positions in a production from stand-in, to production assistant, to crowd or 3rd assistant director, to assistant producer to writing, producing and directing her own award-winning film Belle is a sight to behold. Nothing short of genius and a person with a take no prisoners motivation.

She takes every job seriously no matter where it is on the production spectrum and she is well-known for always giving her all and getting the job done right the first time. Since she is on the production side of movies, that is a non-actor, she is constantly aware of keeping on schedule and staying within budget – the two legendary phrases of producers and many responsible directors.

Among the countless TV shows and movies Evey has been a part of, one of her most incredible experiences was when she worked on The Grand Tour TV show, which allowed her to meet a great deal of interesting people and enabled her to travel the world. She slept in a log cabin in Finland, helicoptered in the Namibian Desert, and worked on the production in countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Scotland, Dubai, Austria and South Africa, among many more.