The Charismatic “Almost Famous” Man About Town Brett Grace

Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical movie “Almost Famous,” set in the early 1970’s could be meeting its millennial counterpart if Brett Grace ever decides to tell his story. The Daily Mail, a British tabloid Brett Grace is often mentioned in, alongside his über-famous friends, describes him as a “wannabe writer,” and they’re not wrong: Grace has no titles under his belt, despite his website’s years long promise he’s preparing his first book. Aren’t we all.

We think Brett enjoys playing up the mystery. He has a mere 5k followers on his Instagram, and his posts seem decidedly not over-sharing. Brett gives his followers split second glimpses into the fun and games of a modern, privileged jet-setter.

What we know factually about him: he’s been joined at the hip to British supermodel Georgia May Jagger since relocating from Mississippi to Los Angeles as a teenager to attend high school. He counts A-list stars like Cara Delevigne, Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry as his friends, he parties with the likes of Paris Hilton—regularly attending her birthdays, and he’s been seen having casual dinners with Rupert Murdoch, Jagger’s step-father.

You could write Grace off as a social climber, but thus far he doesn’t seem to be using any of these connections to advance his own career. But with a Rolodex like that, you know he’s got some stories to spill and writing is actually in his DNA: Grace’s father is an award-winning historian, political commentator, and author of several nonfiction books.

This year alone, Brett seemed to be at every film festival, fashion week, Art Basel; in other words, the P.R. route one would take if one was getting ready to announce a big project. He’s also recently been linked to heiress Daphne Guinness, though it remains unclear whether their relationship is plutonic or romantic. Now he’s posting a blitz of publicity portraits, and just last week he was in New York City meeting with at least one publishing house. Who the bleep is Brett Grace, could we soon be finding out?


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