Continued Success For Filmmaker Velvet Datsopoulou

I heard a waitress say one time that she just wished she could drop everything in the restaurant and run off and make a movie. I looked at her and silently wondered why not? Why doesn’t she just rip off her apron and go take some acting classes or film production classes and just do it? Well, everybody is different and maybe everyone doesn’t have the drive or the talent or the dream that Velvet Datsopoulou had. She got into the film business through hard work and because she wanted it bad enough. The waitress simply didn’t want it that bad.

If you look at the best actors and actresses and the best directors, etc. they all have one thing in common: they wanted it really, really bad. Even the best woodworkers and sculptors and painters all had that same thing in common. Either you want it so much that you’re willing to work at it harder than you’ve ever worked at anything else – or you don’t. Pretty simple formula, don’t you think?

If you ask Velvet what she has going on, she might be humble and say that she doesn’t have much at all going on. However, if she’s honest with you, you may be standing there for twenty minutes listening to all the stuff that she is doing currently. For instance, she just finalized a screenplay about people with addictions and she is in pre-production on a black comedy about love in New York. She will be working with a fellow producer Mireya Rios on that one.

Velvet will also tell you that to keep in shape and maintain her health and balance she regularly works out, eats healthy and meditates. When she has time off in between projects she is always looking for new projects to develop and the ones she chooses are the ones that inspire her. She has traveled the world extensively, including working on films in New York, Paris ,Brazil and Athens.

She also works for a New York company called Creative Chaos, which provides production services for H&N , Vogue , Sportmax , Frame , Nars .They will tell you that no request is outrageous and they will mean it. They will take the job, provide the creative services and talent and complete the job above and beyond the client’s expectations. That’s pretty much Velvet’s motto too.

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