Why is it that everyone loves Paris so much? If you saw Woody Allen’s film Midnight in Paris you know that you might not want to jump inside a 1920s model car at midnight – because you might get stuck in a time warp. But maybe a time warp in Paris or anytime in that great city is not a bad thing. Estelle Descard, the Parisian makeup artist lives there and she is doing very well. She works as a makeup artist on movies and TV shows, such as The Voice Paris and La Nouvelle Star. What could be so bad about that?

She also does a lot of photo shoots and makes the models look even more chic than they did when they walked in carrying a two foot-long baguette and a cup of coffee. (Is that all they eat over there?) Estelle worked on the beautiful and talented singer Shakira’s promotion of her new perfume in Paris and she was the go-to makeup artist for Gilles Bourdos when he directed the film Renoir.

Estelle’s resumé is long and it has a lot of well-known names attached to it. Brands like Yves Saint Laurent, L’Oréal, Lancome and others grace her experience studded CV. She has also done numerous short films and fashion shows including the famous walkway event Hug & You.

Estelle speaks English fluently and her native French is most lovely sounding. She even gets by with Italian. She loves to cook and paint and she of course loves movies, theatre and music. Ask her where she’s traveled to and you’ll soon realize that you should have asked her where she hasn’t been. She’s been to the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Martinique, Tahiti, New Caledonia and many other places.

She has trained for her busy makeup career at the best beauty formation in the south of France to become beautician BTS and Make Up For Ever Academy Paris. She also had airbrush classes at Kimberly Bosso School in Beverly hills, California. Estelle is planning tomove back to California soon and become established in Los Angeles. We are all for that and we can only caution her not to get into any old cars at midnight in Paris – for her own sake.

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