“My experiences have taught me that there is no such thing as failure – it’s only a lesson you haven’t learnt yet”- Actress Luisa Guerreiro


Let’s face it, there is something interesting in most people, but on the other hand, some people are more interesting than others by a mile or more. Take Luisa Guerreiro, Please. Okay just kidding with the Henny Youngman joke, but Luisa Guerreiro is a prime example of one of those people who are tremendously more interesting than most people. She is an actress – quite an accomplished one, and she is a physical comedian whose timing is on par with the best of the best. She is also a highly trained and skilled advanced screen combatant along with being a veteran puppeteer. In other words, her talent alone breaks her away from the herd, even though she could bask in the spotlight simply with her uncommonly wide streak of integrity alone.


She can philosophize and keep up with PhDs because of her astute range of observation and the ability to read people correctly. One of the things she said in a conversation with a top Australian interviewer was: “My experiences have taught me that there is no such thing as failure – it’s only a lesson you haven’t learnt yet. True failure only finds its form if you fail and refuse to learn from the experience.” What does that say about a person? It tells us that Luisa is self-aware and that she has experienced failure. It also tells us that she is tough as nails on herself and can also forgive herself for her mistakes as she sheds any feelings of guilt and shame and moves forward unflinchingly toward her goal of being the best she can be in all circumstances.


The world treasures her kind of human being because she treasures hard work and the concentration needed to attain not only success but also to maintain integrity and truth in life. Are we going too far here with all of this praise and positive description of Luisa? We don’t think so. Looking at her interviews and her show reels we discovered that she comes across as an actress who is rare, in that she is not necessarily looking to be a “Star,” but one who is humbly striving to be a better Luisa, which by default, makes her a better actress. “Over the years, I have learned so much more about myself through self-reflection and the challenges I have had to overcome, and this has generated so much to draw on as a performer. Guess they call that ‘life experience’ in the biz. I’ve also gained so much more confidence and expertise in my craft, as well as making strong and valued connections with creatives in the industry, who have become friends and fellow collaborators.

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