The Incredibly Gifted Work Of Photographer Akshay Kandi

Some guys go into photography just to meet the models that they work with.

Others are simply artists who love creating something from nothing and producing extraordinary images with their camera – similar to artistic filmmakers who want to tell a story with moving pictures.

Akshay Kandi fits into the latter category and we feel strongly that he is very much like the auteur directors who marshal all their forces to present their version of a tale to the audience. The difference between Akshay and great filmmakers is that he can tell his story in one frame instead of twenty-four. That is, he doesn’t need moving pictures, he only needs one picture for each of his individual products or models.

Of course, the way he ekes out his fables through his photography is quite simple. That is, simple to explain, not necessarily simple to do. One needs an endless imagination and a thorough knowledge of lighting and composition to do what Akshay does and to make it look so easy. He has to set up the shoot, which means if it’s a product shoot then he has to arrange the product or products in a way that is not boring for the audience and buyers to look at. He then has to light the scene in order to show off the subject in a way that is clear and easy to identify yet different so it catches the eye of the observer.

“Different is interesting.” That is something artists learn either in school or they come to that realization on their own at some point during their education or professional life. Hopefully, they catch on to it as soon as possible before they move into the business world or they will be playing catch up for some time.

Well, Akshay apparently learned what that phrase means early on because his photographs are different, to be sure. They stand out because they are distinctive and because he has pushed the envelope whenever he felt confined. His models look fabulous and his product shots are impeccable. He has lit them all perfectly and with enough confidence that people immediately take him for the professional he is. He also prides himself on finishing jobs on time and within budget and deadlines are never a burden – they are only a way to schedule his concentration and focus.