MiG Arogan Talented And Famous American Star from NY

Brimming with confidence and bolstering arrogance,MiG Arogan emerges from the indie Hip-hop scene in Haiti to pronounce his international conquest.By exhibiting professionalism, maturity and a clear example of hard work,MiG Arogan is able to justify his self-proclaimed arrogance as he challenges any artist to match his commitment to success.Utilizing definitive lyricism,carefully, meticulously choosing every rhyme, and every metaphor, MiG Arogan channels his roots, calling upon the tradition, culture, and values to reach the North American market.These same lyrics become infectious positive vibes to his listeners as he rises to super-stardom.

Backed by two break-through singles, “Addicted to Money” and “Handz-Up”, MiG Arogan is represented by 1Take Recordz, the founding company behind the definitive beats making MiG Arogan’s signature sound. The deep bass grooves, coupled with syncopated funk, exude a reaction with his listeners to dance and sway along to these challenging and upbeat rhythms. The low-end bass drop pounds the speakers with a ferocity, which is highlighted by the sharp snare snaps, keeping the listener’s attention and on the dance floor. These two tracks are a solid foundation to an upstart career which will pave the way for much industry consideration and scrutiny, as they are well-suited for any urban radio playlist, and dance club spin rotation. So who is MiG Arogan? He is the next level of confidence, arrogance, and vanity. You can only get away with this level of assurance if you possess the tenacity to make this success a lifestyle as MiG Arogan clearly does.

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