Model Jade Kevin Foster – laughs all the way to the bank

Make no mistake – Jade Kevin Foster is more than a pretty face.

Apart from being contracted with Australia’s leading modelling agency WINK models, Jade is also what is now known as an “influencer”, and he is acutely aware of his influence over his followers.

Mr Foster’s popularity is gaining ground on a daily basis, now massing an audience of over 2.4 million across all social media platforms. His image continues to soar each day as more and more people are becoming influenced by his charisma.
After dominating social media and Australia’s night life scene, it’s now time for Mr Foster to start dominating his bank account. With the announcement of the models first product men’s cologne “Dominate, the world is yours” on social media in 2015.

Jade has just recently explained to his 1 million+ Snapchat fans that he has been working really hard on his cologne and hopes to have the product released to the public before his next birthday in May 2017.

According to, a report run on the amount of hits in the first 3 months of the models “Coming soon” site launching revealed that it pulled in a staggering 911,550 hits in the period from April – July 2016.


Phyllis Khare, Owner of Social Media Management School says with numbers this big the model will be laughing all the way to the bank. “Mr Foster is one of the most followed users on social media in Australia. Having such a large following makes the model a very powerful influencer. If the correct management is put in place it wouldn’t be surprising for Jade to earn over US$500,000 per year.”

Forbes Entertainment Star Central magazine named Jade model of the year in 2013 and Vogue online ranked him at No. 56 on its list of top male models of all time. Even still, everyone has flaws. Fortunately for Jade, his weak spot doesn’t get much camera time.
“[My feet] are pretty chatty,” Jade admitted. “I always have my socks on.”
“He hides them very well,” said IMA Management’s Melissa Fernie, who manages Jade.

Last week, Jade was introduced to the public as the new face of MONQ. “We are glad to announce that Jade is officially part of MONQ, and we invite everyone to stay tuned to our future campaigns.” said Eric Fishman CEO of MONQ.