Monica Yvette Model Interview Top fashion tips for fall 2020

Wind rustled hair with a touch of romance to neon hair and bob cuts. That is what we will be seeing on runways to city streets this fall. Here are the top 10 looks when it comes to hair this season. And the celebrities who wear it.

1. Dual textured ponytails
Blake Lively

2. Barely-there waves

3. Side part
Gigi Hadid

4. Carmel highlights
Kim Kardashian West

5. Neon hair colors
Dua Lipa & Billie Eilish

6. Loose side-swept – hair
Carrie Underwood

7. Baby braids
Storm Reid

8. Choppy bangs
Miley Cyrus

9. Soft romantic updo
Saoirse Ronan

10. Bob cuts
Jane Fonda

Brows this fall are in glossy brushed to spiked individual hairs. Looking energized and at the moment. Sweeping and rising to the occasion. Here are the top 5 eyebrow styles. And the vibe you will be giving off to the public.

1. Dewy brows
Wet looks are in Glossy and lived in. Almost like you are fresh from the shower.
2. Windswept
Groomed by a fully kept up sweep. Perky and brushed up to the sky. Looking very much up to the beat.
3. Soap brows
Create a longer brow appearance. This term is used because many use soap to brush back their brows, toward the temples of their spikey individual hairs. Almost stuck watchfully to your skin.
4. Shadow effect
What a great gothic ring with Halloween near. Dramatic in effect. Achieved with brow powder. Concentrating on those intense arches.
5. The Chalamet
Flick a couple of hairs up for that youthful masculine look. Clever, smoldering, and devious. Bring the eyebrows closer together with this easy look

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