Multi-Talented Actor Alejandro Arzciat And His Latest Roles

Alejandro Arzciat has an intimate relationship with William Shakespeare and his legendary plays. He has been cast in key roles in the bard’s productions and toured Mexico with them sharing the exquisite language and poetry with his countrymen. He is also known for films such as Altitude and East Side Sushi, but Shakespeare, apparently, keeps beckoning him back.

Alejandro’s most recent and currently ongoing project is working with someone who he respects immensely: the well-known author and researcher Alan W. Green. It is a collaboration of two intellects who are each obviously highly creative in their own right. This partnership is in search of “The Shakespeare Mystery,” which they call “The Bardcode.”

This association with Mr. Green and Shakespeare has brought an unexpected turn in Alejandro’s career and life –A very good turn, however, according to Alejandro, because the whole project has the potential to influence the world of literature. Alejandro explains his take on the process by saying that “Working with Alan has been a very different and creative approach to the works of Shakespeare. It takes them from the realm of literature into the secret world of encoded and hidden messages. It is creating content from an angle that very few, if any, use or take on when reading, studying, teaching or acting Shakespeare.”


One of the mysteries of Shakespeare and perhaps the one that is the most talked about and investigated is the true identity of the man himself, William Shakespeare. The encoded sonnets and the rest of his works, according to Alan Green and others point to the idea that Shakespeare was a pen name, the invention of a small group of enlightened intellectuals who hid codes and secret messages throughout Shakespeare’s works. Although most people simply enjoy his incredible dramas, tragedies and comedies for entertainment, they are hardly concerned or are not even aware of any Shakespearian mystery. To them, the beautiful usage and placement of words and language is quite enough.


However, when one overlays the secret meanings between the lines, so to speak, that Alan Green has taken the time to uncover, then a whole new dimension opens up and comes alive. New meaning is constantly unraveling at the hands of Alan and Alejandro and the project is a very special one for him. Even though Alejandro has many future roles penciled in on his schedule, he sees the Shakespeare Mystery Project as an important life journey.


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