Multi Talented And beautiful Nelly Valentino

Our focus today is on mesmerizing beauty 22 years old Iranian poet & actress Nelly Valentino, who is taking the industry by the head and really doing incredible work. Nelly Valentino has already established herself as a No 1 poet ,but also has become a famous song writer .

She lost her dad due to cancer and now everything she makes goes out to cancer patients . She tells aspiring actors that they should go into the acting profession with their heart and soul and they shouldn’t do it for fame or money. If they give their all to acting and to their characters then they are following the right path.

Nelly Valentino is very friendly artist. She works with almost everyone in the industry.She is Selena Gomez & Kylie Jenner’s best friend she believes that an actor must continue to sharpen her skills throughout her entire life.

Nelly Valentino is reportedly dating a doctor now , both very secretive about their dating life but chandler parson isn’t happy about it .You can follow her on Instagram : @nellyvalentino.official