Natalia Ramirez | At the Intersection of Healthcare and Social Media

Natalia Ramirez is one of the most instrumental Digital Marketing Directors in New York, working to revolutionize the way patients communicate with their healthcare providers. This Colombian social media producer/manager has the education and background of previous generations but is shrewd in her understanding that marketing and business these days is conducted and organized in a highly different manner than that of the past. Natalia’s age placed her in the serendipitous point of embracing the virtual creative world that surrounds us. As someone who grew up interacting with social media, the use and its benefits to connect with others to market is ingrained in her very DNA. Her latest project is with VIP Centers, which has despite only being launched in 2016, propelled to a visibility level where it has been covered by publications such as Forbes, Vice, and Elle to name a few.

It wasn’t long ago that VIP Centers brought Natalia on as Social Media Producer. VIP is a team of Ivy League trained specialists who constantly advocate for patient care and wellness. Their physicians are Board Certified and experts in the fields of

Vein Treatments and Pain Management treatments. In comes Ms. Ramirez. She worked with VIP to define a focused strategy that would be delivered with consistency. Once specific visual branding cues were defined, they were displayed via Instagram through photo and video edits as well as cinemagraphs.

Natalia describes this early stage stating, “We worked out a system where I shot the content we’d post, put them together on a mock Instagram feed and then VIP gave me their feedback. We started posting 1–2 times regularly and our follower count quickly increased, even before the website itself launched in 2017. A lot of people commented on the fact that we had a significant amount of original content which is rare for startups, especially pre-launch. VIP really values creating original content as much as possible so they always motivated me to reach out to patients to set up different interviews regarding their experience rather than just taking other people’s work. With a startup, it’s hard to find the resources to create content regularly but I can say that VIP’s commitment to educating their patients really pushed me to rally up all my resources”

Natalia Ramirez

Because VIP’s Instagram was a way to maximize and proliferate their services, simply having “followers” was not the goal. Ms. Ramirez needed to hone in on those who would actually be interested in being treated at VIP Centers. In her plan there were three things that were key: consistency, a visually honest & cohesive feed, and building relationships within the target user community. She made sure to post every single day, sometimes more than once, content that really attested to what the patient would experience during treatment. The truthful feel of the VIP feed as a whole has been as important as the quality of the individual images since the beginning. It’s important for Natalia that people who land on VIP’s Instagram are educated and informed in who their physicians are and what to expect from the treatments.

It will be interesting to see if this strategy that Ms. Ramirez has developed to unite and strengthen patient and physician relationships will catch on and be replicated by others. Mr. Ramirez has been a pioneer all her life, so it would not be the first time that others have followed her lead.

Find out more about Natalia Ramirez through @MsNatalia Ramirez and LinkedIn.

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