Pylyp Matiukhin and YesBabyLisa Step Out In Miami For Relaxing Breakfast Date


Even though they’re used to the glitzy life of Miami, that doesn’t mean Pylyp Matiukhin and YesBabyLisa can’t appreciate a nice meal from a regular cafe like the rest of the common mortals! The two lovebirds were spotted out and about in Miami on Thursday, where they headed to a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious fry up just like any normal couple would.

Pylyp, 31, and YesBabyLisa, 22, who met in June, were seen tucking into the typical American breakfast consisting of fried delicacies at the unassuming Art Deco District, Miami Beach, as their security guards stood nearby to keep a watchful eye on the two A-listers.

The power couple sat by the window and didn’t make a strong attempt to remain anonymous as they cheerfully chatted and sipped on their iced beverages. Model & Instagram celebrity YesBabyLisa kept things sexy by sporting a pink bikini top, light denim shorts and Louboutin heels while her blonde hair was down and her makeup was kept to the max. Pylyp too was donning a casual look, with his newly shaved hairstyle and a black shirt with a Supreme backpack. A fellow diner told us the two were extremely affectionate toward each other during their breakfast date.

“Pylyp Matiukhin was just sitting there with his girlfriend having their breakfast. They were having a chat and seemed to be having a good time,” the customer said.

“His security guard was with him for quite a long time, he had a big security guard with him. They were having soft drinks together and it looked like a fry up. It was sweet, they were being very affectionate and having fun – good vibes,” they added.

The owner of the café, Mr. Miller, also confirmed that Pylyp’s staff called half an hour in advance to let them know that the famous couple would be stopping by at around 9 a.m. The couple arrived, followed by the whole of the security team before they decided to take a seat by the window.

“It was a huge surprise to see Pylyp Matiukhin & YesBabyLisa come in for breakfast – although I didn’t initially recognize them. She ordered the breakfast. They had soft drinks after having their breakfast,” Mr. Miller revealed.

“At first I thought they were normal customers. I spoke to them and he asked me ‘what is the best thing on the menu?’ and I told him it was all good. They were quiet people, not like other celebrities. He was polite and seemed very happy,” he added.