The Star Of Two Upcoming Feature Films, Jesus Lloveras

Spain once ruled the world. They had a great navy and conquering armies that sliced the globe in two and gave the other half to…well, we don’t have to go into that. All great empires, however, if you read history, pull back a little and end up removing themselves from world politics and just concentrate on matters at home. Rome did it, Greece did it and so did England, France and other European countries. Everything goes in cycles and it looks like España is coming back on to the world stage – literally.

Some great actors have come to our shores from Spain, including Antonio Banderas, Javier Bardem, Penelope Cruz and now, Jesus Lloveras. Yes, Jesus Lloveras is carrying Spain’s conquering flag into theatres full of applauding audiences and films that are seen by millions of people’s homes, TV and computer screens and the silver screen.

Barcelona born and raised, Jesus decided early on that acting was for him. He put on plays in his home as a kid and when push came to shove he decided to jettison a potentially enriching engineering career for acting school. Smart decision. He studied acting all over the world, most notably in Barcelona, New York City and London before taking the plunge to move to Los Angeles where the hub of the entertainment industry is constantly pumping out product.

He has been in popular TV and web series along with numerous short films countless stage productions and has had the lead in several feature-length motion pictures. He is a conquistador! He conquers whatever is put in front of him and audiences and critics love his work. The film Tercer Grado saw Jesus as the lead and it went on to win multiple international film awards along with matching awards for Jesus’ performance.  Another film that Jesus had the lead in was Black Flowers, which received great reviews and high praise. It was directed by British director Martin Gooch and it turned out to be Jesus’ first American feature-length movie that he had a leading role in. Jesus was also in the third season of Money Heist, which, incidentally, is the most successful non-English drama series in the history of Netflix. When it rains it pours, as they say, and Jesus’ successful acting career keeps going no place but “up.” One success continues to follow another and there is no stopping this super talented actor. Jesus has a very busy schedule coming up. He has been cast as the lead in two upcoming feature films and they will be shot in the fall.