I bumped into Suzanne, so to speak, at the studio when I was visiting a friend who is an actor also. Suzanne Roche was everything I had hoped her to be and more. She was gracious, beautiful, poised and she had a terrific sense of humor. She actually had my friend and I laughing almost uncontrollably at one point. The joke was funny, to be sure, but it was her perfect timing and delivery of the punch line that caught us off guard.

Of course, timing and delivery is what acting is all about – among other things. Let’s say that those two things are of paramount importance at any rate and Suzanne Roche has them both in huge quantities. When I saw her in Saint Dracula 3D I knew then that this woman was a born actress. You can tell a lot about actors when they’re in horror films. There’s a great deal of real acting going on in those kinds of movies because monsters, ghosts, demons and vampires don’t truly exist so the actors have to be at there best – professionally speaking that is. She played the character Sister Agnes to a tee.

She was also at her best in the feature film Wrong Way To Hell and The Secret Diaries Of Mona Lisa. Let’s face it, Suzanne Roche is excellent in every film, TV show, Commercial and music video she’s in because she gives her all to each and every performance. You could imagine her saying “Why be there if I’m not going to do my very best!” She may have a great sense of humor but she also has a very large sense of responsibility to her chosen career. She would give the same amount if she was a waitress – and by default, she would be the best waitress in the world.

We admire Suzanne, a lot. We’ve seen her in too many films to count and now she’s doing a web series titled Self Tape. We like that she ventures out and does whatever she wants to do and takes the roles that she wants to do and that will expand her skill level, if that’s even possible.

Did we mention that she won the Best Actress Award at the Wirral Intl Film Festival in 2013 for the film ‘One for the Road’? How about the ‘TMT Media Award for Most Captivating Female Actor 2016 – UK’ this year? We didn’t? Shame on us. Don’t tell Suzanne that we told you.