A Tasmanian Girl in LA Lilly Dennis

How many actors does it take to screw in a light bulb? The answer is ‘one’ but he or she has to get into character and then rehearse first. Okay, I just made that joke up so I don’t really know if actors have to rehearse to screw in a light bulb. The getting into character part, however, is very true – actors are always ready to get into a new character at the drop of a hat. According to some actors that’s the big attraction of acting in the first place – being a different character. If you watch real professionals such as Lilly Dennis, you would see exactly what I mean instantly. She is one of those great actresses who not only loves to immerse herself in a whole new persona but she thrives on exploring the humanity in each and every role she plays.

Lilly Dennis grew up in Tasmania, Australia, and she spent a very happy childhood acting as much as she could in that very isolated place. When she was ten, we’re told, Lilly moved up to community theatre and starred in Tina Fey’s play Mean Girls, taking the famous role of Janis Ian. Among countless other productions, Lilly was cast in the play Top Girls and Debra Oswald’s House On Fire. She also managed to show off her abundant talent in an Australian national production of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the part of Helen. She studied everything acting from age 10 to 18 at Collegiate School of Performing Arts in Australia and graduated in 2012. Immediately after that she was accepted at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in LA where she completed her degree in acting. She is a firm believer that an actor should never stop training, no matter how many degrees or roles one has performed in.

Lilly is an in-demand actress and it feels as though she is constantly busy doing films, plays or web series. Currently, she can be seen in the Warner Bros/AT&T production of the motion picture Still Here, directed by Angela Benitez. Lilly plays the part of Tina in this supernatural drama that explores the possibility that peace and harmony are not necessarily the rewards of an afterlife.

She is also in a Nick Conroy helmed mockumentary Dr. Phlill, about two roommates whose relationships are polar opposites in the way the couples get along and who are the subjects of a TV reality show about couples therapy. This film, by the way, has done very well on the festival circuit and has been picked up for three seasons and will be shooting sometime this year. We are looking forward to seeing more of this very talented actress.