Television Producer Anna Scott

Television producers are hard workers who generally work from sunup to way past sundown and then they are back on the set or location before anyone else arrives the next morning. Anna Scott, the British producer who produces shows on three continents is one of those workaholics who, because of her knowledge, skill and work ethic, is constantly in-demand as an A-list producer.

She started out as an intern, that is a person who works for nothing, and became a runner, equivalent to Hollywood’s gophers, and then worked her way up to the top title of producer. That was all in London, of course, and she stayed at with GMTV, the morning magazine TV show, she started with as an intern while at university, for fourteen years. That means that Anna not only works hard to get a job and works hard to keep it but is willing to give a hundred percent in order to do the best job possible. No one stays at a company for that long of time without being quite valuable.

She learned every aspect of the TV production, including script writing, directing and managing a budget. She has been nominated for an Emmy as a producer on Fox’s daytime talk show The Real, which besides moving to the United States, was one of her top achievements. In fact, she tells us that she would never have imagined even holding an Emmy, when she was living in London.

Anna has worked as a producer on all types of TV shows including, Dr. Phil, Long Lost Family, E’s Hollywood Medium and Fox’s talk show The Real. She has also contributed to Good Morning Britain (UK), America’s Got Talent, Married at First Sight (Australia), Call of the Wildman, Britweek Los Angeles, among many others.

She has always been interested in people from all walks of life and in their personal life stories and experiences. She is not the kind of producer who stands at the outer edges of a set or location and just watches what happens. Anna is a hands-on creative producer who loves looking people in the eye and connecting with them, no matter what job they have on the show or if they are simply visiting the set. She has an engaging personality and the intelligence and maturity to be able to converse with anyone on any level. And that is the kind of producer hosts, actors and directors love to work with.