We asked the famous Australian dancer Kahlia Greksa what her advice would be to aspiring performers. She responded with a simple: “Keep training hard!” We thought that was pretty good advice coming from someone who has been in some very popular movies and worked with legendary film director Baz Luhrmann and choreographer John “Cha Cha” O’Connell on the film The Great Gatsby. But wait…there’s more. Even though that bit of sagacity would have been plenty for the average aspiring performer to soak up and meditate on, Kahlia actually went further and threw out a few more insightful tidbits.

She talked about dance teachers and that if you are corrected by them it’s not a bad thing. In fact, it is just the opposite – it points to the teacher seeing something positive in you. In other words, if the teacher corrects you then she recognizes that you have potential – otherwise she would not be wasting her time even talking to you. You should listen to what the teacher is saying and take it to heart and apply it to your technique. Kahlia also said that dancers should never compare themselves to other dancers because everyone has a different journey and a unique path to success.

Well, we were impressed by her hard won wisdom through years of exhaustive training and all of her professional experiences. Kahlia still trains today even though we might think she wouldn’t need to at her level of excellence. But that is exactly why she continues to train and rehearse: to stay at the top of her game and to get even better – if that’s possible. She is always looking to see what’s new in the dance universe and to see what new movements she can learn. After all, dance is all about movement and Kahlia’s life is all about dance.

She has a lot of irons in the fire right now. She’s about to start filming the Disney Channel’s prime time show Hanging With Adam And Ash, and she’s working with director and photographer Jake Weisz on a dance concept video. She also just recently was accepted into the Cirque du Soleil casting books, which is a very difficult feat to achieve. She auditioned for 3 days for the Cirque and only ten of the Australians were chosen out of the scores of young women who tried out. Fortunately, Kahlia made the cut and she feels a great sense of achievement just to have gotten through the three days of very strenuous dance competition, let alone being accepted. She credits her years of hard training and never giving up to making it to where she is today.

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