Top 10 British Beauties

Compared to other women of different parts of the world regardless of race, British women are thought to be too much into rules. On relationship matters, they are thought to prefer the old way of doing things where any relationship has to be built following a ‘laid down’ procedure. There has to be a time for introduction, socialization, friendship, love, engagement and finally marriage. This is the old British tradition that seems to run in the blood of most British women. Some people have actually proceeded to brand British women unromantic in public, choosing to do so in private. British women re though to be very careful when it comes to committing to loving men and when they do, they do so whole heartedly without any reservations and remain committed to it. Most people in fact think that British women are likely not to cheat on their spouses.

With their commitment to a relationship, British women expect their male counterparts to reciprocate in the same way. They are thought to loathe any form of cheating by their men and will do not take anything bordering on that lightly. As they say, a British woman will only get into a ‘dark room’ after analyzing the room’s safety. Whatever the view on British women, one thing stands out, they have their own British beauty that cannot be found in any other woman and some of the top British beauties include:

1. Naomi Watts


Bump into Naomi at any time of the day and you will still find her very beautiful and attractive. She does not need to wear makeup for her beauty to be seen. You never really can tell whether she has combed her hair or not; she has what many believe is natural British beauty.

2. Kate Winslet 


Kate certainly has natural British beauty, which she has brought into Hollywood, making a lasting impression that there are beautiful women in Britain as well.

3. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

An accomplished singer, Cheryl carry’s with her admirable British beauty. She is certainly hot.



4. Keira Knightly

Keira Knightly

Natural British appeal. That is Kiera’s beauty. Looking at her creates an impression there is still another beautiful face waiting to emerge from deep down, her beauty is simply not enough, you want to continue looking at her to see the ‘hidden’ beauty, which seems to take some time to come out.



5. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Looking at Emma, you silently pray that she maintains her young youthful and beautiful look. She is naturally beautiful.


6. JK Rowling


Take some time to look at JK’s photo before reading some of her writings. Is there a connect between the beautiful face and what you read? Many agree that indeed anyone can make that connection. Just in the same way that you will not tire looking at her beautiful face, you will not tire reading her works.



7. Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale

All round beauty! That is how you can describe Kate’s beauty. She has a beautiful and perfect body size and shape, a perfect face and the style, is it British style?



8. Elizabeth Hurley 

Elizabeth Hurley Attends Queenspark Breakfast

Elizabeth exhibits British beauty that no one can resist. In addition, she has this exotic appeal that some how complicates her beauty, making her uniquely beautiful.



9. Audrey Hepburn – Being fat often brings many problems. This is certainly what is happening with Audrey. She seems to be obsessed with her ego. She seems to be concentrating too much on her being fat, failing to realize that she is beautiful and attractive.


10. Elizabeth Taylor – Forget about the present Liz and instead look at her past photos. What do you see? Perfect British beauty. Very few British women or any woman could rival Liz’s beauty during her ‘reign’.