Vic Stah Milien A Well Known Photographer From Dallas

Vic Stah Milien is a commercial & art photographer based out of Dallas, Tx. And is well known throughout the galleries of the world. His one-off prints can go for as high as $20k (usd).  His creative work is responsible for making him one of the highest-paid print photographers in Texas, if not the United States.  So who and where is this reclusive artist?

Vic was reluctant to move his life and art to online as he felt it would take away from the beauty of his framed prints.  However, in 2015 his art director and soon to be manager would convince him otherwise.  As a compromise, Vic agreed to go online but only to reveal and share his process and connect with a younger fan base.  The images he post are called test shots and collectively they reveal a glimpse of the art process called “feelers”.  Artist who use feelers is kind of an older term known by the ones who create art by feeling it out.  Vic does not plan out his images, his visions are spontaneous and organic, using only what’s available where is and as is.

In 2016, Vic completed a series of images //We Are The Art // which he based around amateur models whom he personally sought out as unrecognized talents.  He plans on releasing this series and the story behind each model on his website in early 2017.  Today we were told by his manager that he is working on a new series called // Diamonds In The Rough // which is the stories of roadside wonderers in search of their dreams.  Vic’s test imagery can be found all over the internet these days, but to view his art prints, you will have to inquire directly through his website.  Check him out, a true artist is very rare these  &  Follow on Facebook