What You Didn’t Know about Paul Marciano

Paul Marciano was born in 1952. The Morocco nationality is renowned as an investor, philanthropist, businessman and fashion designer. The co-founder of Guess has 3 siblings. According to Paul, behavior of employees is crucial for production in any company. The productivity and performance level for individual employees is dependent on relationship between management and the workforce. Proper human resource management is inseparable from success and growth in the company.

Paul has extensive experience in human resource. He began as a junior officer and has gradually rose through the ranks in different organizations. Paul’s emergence to the top expert list across the world is attributed to his consistency and discipline through the years. The challenges in different aspects of the filed have molded him to a mentor. Today, he is helping other organizations to cultivate and manage human capital as a technique to growth and success.

Understanding individual behavior of employees is crucial to human resource development. Marciano has mastered the art of training managers on facilitation of equipping their workforce.  Coaching and team building workshops are primary elements in growth of a workforce.


Paul Marciano is the brains behind RESPECT model that focuses on employee engagement and leadership effectiveness with respect to success of a business company. The aim of this model is to transform an organization’s culture; working under same environment towards the same goal requires specific rules. While organization policies are vital in smooth running, developing a culture suitable to employees is more effective.

The model entails recognition, empowerment, supportive feedback, partnering, expectations, consideration, and trust. The model is a combination of tools that inspire and motivate employee to work together in teams hence boosting productivity.

Recognition is a crucial skill in management of employees. Typically, supervisors and departmental managers interact with individual employees on a regular basis. Other than assigning work and supervising roles, such managers should identify abilities and weaknesses of individual employees and assign work basing on the skills. Also, the Marciano model emphasizes on empowerment of individual employees based on specific capabilities. While employees might be of the same status with regards to income and position in the company, they are motivated by different things. Identifying such specifics is key in empowering a workforce.

Marciano also emphasizes on prompt and appropriate feedback from company management. It is a crucial aspect of human resource development highlighted in the model. Paul Marciano encourages managers to engage employees and support their efforts through feedback. The employee-management relationship should be more of partnership; each partner’s expectations has to be met. As the company strives to achieve higher ratings in the market, Marciano advises on focus of individual employee needs. Decisions should also be considerate; it helps in building a healthy working environment. The two parties in a corporate setting should all develop trust on each other for growth and success.

Marciano developed the RESPECT in 2003. The model has been embraced in various industries including medical practices, schools, manufacturing, consulting, firms, pharmaceuticals, government agencies, as well as sales organizations. It attributes to the sharp growth and success of Guess.

Areas of expertise

Human resource management and behavior is an umbrella of endless skills acquired by Paul throughout his career. He has practical experience on tactics he shares in his trainings and consultation sessions.

He is renowned in the following areas;

  • Meeting facilitation
  • Executive coaching
  • Team building
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Customer service training
  • Performance engagement
  • Survey design, development and analysis
  • Overall assessment
  • Change management
  • Executive onboarding and assimilation

Professional Experience

While he is known to be a businessperson, Paul Marciano started working in human resource department with focus on behavior. Popularity of the RESPECT model is attributed to his experience working with varied organizations. Marciano focus has always been on unleashing dormant creativity and increasing productivity of individual employees, which automatically boosts profitability.

Apart from fashion designing and business, Paul Marciano has worked in various organizations as an executive. However, his major focus has been on investment in the clothing industry, which attributes to most of his wealth.

Paul Marciano is also affiliated with top companies in various industries across the world.  Collaborating with professional organizations attributes to his high reputation in human resource management across the world.

Condominium in Beverly Hills

The founder of Guess has recently bought property in Beverly worth $1.85 million. According real estate records, the property was purchased through annuity for a family member. Besides his financial worth and professional reputation across the world for the clothing firm investment, he is also a family man. Most of Marciano’s decisions on revolve around family.

The new residence of Marciano is near Wilshire Boulevard. It is an upscale building in a high-end neighborhood. The building’s design is exemplary; arched top French doors and dark plank-style flooring with high ceilings. The notable detail is a private balcony on the master suite for exemplary city views. The house sits on 1,753 square feet with two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

As an influential figure in the corporate world, Marciano is highly esteemed because of his business decisions and regard for family. Guess is a major player in the global clothing industry. The decision to start the company with his brother in 1981 also demonstrates his deep regard for family.

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