Break Timepieces

Break Timepieces was born back in 2013, and since then has made a meteoric rise, with a Break watch being at the top of many a designer’s ‘Want list’ ever since. And the reason Break Watches is becoming such an established brand in such a short space of time is its commitment to its three core principles: build quality, design and affordability.

Break Watches currently sell from $89 to $149 depending on which model you opt for (with watches split across three categories: Classic, Supreme, and the Royal Break). They also offer free worldwide shipping.

In this review we take a look at the update of the watch that started the Break watch story: the Supreme Classic.


The Break watch we were testing definitely not borrowed from other designer watches on the market, and brings a contemporary and completely new styling to the table. And we love the little touches, too, such as the Break logo even featuring on the buckle of the watch. As far as the specs go, the face of the watch is 42mm across, the back is brushed stainless steel, measuring in at a thickness of 10mm, and it features a quartz movement.


This Break watch is water resistant up to 3ATM, and what that basically means is that you should try your best not to get it wet. It will deal with being slightly submerged, but don’t be wearing it in the shower etc. And speaking of the strap, it has a width of 22mm, and has a lovely feel.

We were really impressed with everything about the Break watch, from the moment we hit the website, to the unboxing and packaging, and the product itself. This Classic Break watch is a worthy adition to anyone’s collection, and retails for $89, and also comes with free delivery worldwide, with your Break watch arriving within a couple of week’s (with full tracking available online).

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