Girlie A La Mode

When I first saw the Girlie A La Mode website I fell instantly in love with it  . Girlie A La Mode is created by founder Kat zammuto On scrolling have given the user the opportunity to really view the latest women fashion,designer trends &  styles tips .From a user’s point of view, I think they have done a fabulous job to give a heavy website solid logic through a clearly defined navigation top bar as well as clear sections on the website .


What we love:

  • High quality imagery goes a long way and here Cherry Picks for Spring have ensured no lacking on this front, it’s inviting and altogether has the user’s attention
  • The mobile site features the landing page in all it’s glory. There are no issues regarding the site’s font, how it looks on a mobile or if the tabs are tappable, always a good thing
  • The consistency of the site and bold typography of the landing page is altogether great for a fun user experience
  • Love the content box details that come up as the user hovers over each image. It’s inventive, as it doesn’t take away from the beauty of each image
I love the friendliness of the site, I’m given contact details immediately as well as useful information so you can visit it now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Girlie A La Mode

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