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Millennials get a bad rap when it comes to work ethic.
Prior generations see us as a group that wants to reap all of life’s rewards without the hard work. On the other hand, alot of millennials expect to work until they die. One study even found that many of us won’t be able to retire untilat least 75-far beyond the expectations of cashing out our 401Ks at 55. But for Retired Young
Legacy Apparel founder Krisman Moline, early retirement is his driving motivation.In a deeply personal blog post on his company
’s official site, Moline details the backstory of his brand. Like so many young designers, he started creating his own clothes along with his friends. Though it was purely for their own enjoyment, Moline noticed that other kids wanted to wear his creations. It was then that he knew he wanted to start his own brand.However, the road from idea to conception hasn’t been an easy one. In an age where digital connection, life hacks, and reality TV show competitions make every career look easy, fashionis one in which hard work is always required. Moline knows this firsthand.“Back when I was homeless, I had no money, no transportation, but I still didn’t give up. I knew Iwas here for a reason and I had to keep grinding,”he wrote in his blog post. Realizing thatother kids liked his clothes wasn’t just a coincidence or an accidental business venture. It was his calling.About his ultimate motivation behind the brand, he writes,“As a kid growing up, I always wanted to retire young. I mean, that’s everyone’s dream. It’s what America was built on but my dreamjust isn’t to retire young, but to leave a legacy”. Moline isn
’t one of those millennials that plans to work for his entire life. But he also isn’t one who doesn’t intend to work hard. He’s a rare breed of millennial somewhere between those two extremes. His dreams are powered by a future where he can reap the fruits of his labor and influence others.
Though the brand is just in its early stages, Retired Young Legacy is well on its way to buildinga streetwear empire. Perhaps the most beautifully crafted and notable of its pieces are the bomber jackets. The Freeband Junkie Bomber Jacket is a polyester beauty with gorgeous graphic designs and cotton ribbing. The Thought It Was
A Drought bomber offers the same level of cheeky graphics and high-end design.Retired Young Legacy also does so much more than bomber jackets. The young brand offers awide range of apparel from embroidered cotton twill hats to iPhone cases to hoodies and t-
shirts. There’s an even an expanding range for women that includes
swimsuits and crop tops.Dresses are currently in development.
Despite the fact that Moline is just getting started, it looks like his brand is much bigger than agrassroots movement. With almost 19,000 followers on Instagram, the brand seems to be picking up steam and moving forward at warp speed.
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