From jogging in the Joshua Tree desert in California to Moscow of the wild 1980-s, Kristina Pilskaia, the very experienced and well trained actress from Russia has just finished working on her most recent project The Party playing the role of Vika. The film follows a life-changing journey of a young girl (Lena) from the province, the story of her love, her friends and her enemies.

Kristina was made to play this part – although we could say that about every single part she has ever portrayed. She just has that special something that no one can put their finger on but everyone knows it’s there. Some other established actors have it too. Actors such as Meryl Streep (of course), Amy Adams, Scarlett Johannson, Leonardo DiCaprio (part Russian), Matt Damon and the late great Natalie Wood, who was born Natalia Zacharenko to Russia parents had it. Kristina has that same something the aforementioned actors have that compels the audience to keep their eyes glued on her for fear of missing something.

And miss something they would if they took their eyes off of this genuine and highly professional thespian. She breathes acting and literally becomes the character that she plays, whether it’s in a stage play or a movie set or on location. Like Amy Adams, Kristina can become anybody and any persona quite convincingly. All she needs to know is who her character is and Kristina willingly tucks her own self away and transforms into a totally new human being. She did that in every film that we’ve seen her in.

She did it in Old Glory, which was a very real and touching short film about a girl and her mother who are trying to reconnect as they deal with the pain of the father’s death.  She has contributed her sense of character realism to many other films and stage plays too. Besides being a well established actress Kristina is also a wonderful musician and singer. She plays the piano and the acoustic and electric guitar and her athletic side lets her enjoy skiing. Apparently, this woman can do anything.

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