2019 Fashion trends that can become part of your daily looks

This article was first published to lavishshops.com.

When it comes to defining trends, the famous fashion brands and the big names behind them are the main influencers for what we will see in the upcoming seasons. first presented on their runways during the fashion weeks, the new lines and collections are defining both the fashion and spending trend of the customers. This upcoming season, the fashion brands have presented many different fashion collections, each different and unique from the others. What can be certain is that from these upcoming trends, there a piece that will make the regular crowd very happy. These are the pieces that you can easily fit them in your daily looks, but come directly from the runways:


One of the biggest fashion trends that have come up for this year are the shorts. they come in two versions: cycling shorts or board shorts. The cycling shorts are stretchy, shiny, knee-length shorts and can be a daily look choice or cute going out outfit. The daily looks can be accompanied by a cool shirt, while for the night outfit, pair them with a jacket and heels.


Ruffles are a special addition to each piece of clothing. This year, they come in the most dominant and accented form. The ruffles are big, catchy and voluminous. If you want to incorporate them into your look, choose a dress that will have not too many ruffles and will be your casual party outfit. The cute casual outfits require ruffles on strategic places like shoulder or waist – not too many but still enough to make an impression.

Neutrals head-to-toe

Neutral tones have never been out of style, but this year, they come with total head-to-toe color coverage. Neutrals are good clothing choice as they leave enough space for experimenting with accessories, hair, and makeup. They are appropriate for both day and night events, so will fit perfectly as your casual party outfit. Choose a combination between a sleek shirt, pencil skirt, and stilettos – all neutral.

Maxi two-toned dresses

Another big trend that will fit perfectly for those who are more for the cute and casual style are the maxi dresses in two tones. They are a super fashionable option for hot summer days and nights. The two different colors give a special dose of mixed elegance and casual look.

So, if you are not all for the glam gal, and want to keep things toned down but trendy, these are some of the trends that you should consider following this year.