Custom Painted Nike and Adidas Sneakers by Artist B Street Shoes

Blake Barash, the owner of B Street Shoes, is an American Sneaker Artist known for customizing Sneakers for Athletes and Celebrities worldwide. His style can be recognized for intricate detail, bright colors, and contrast. Blake and his team have painted custom shoes for celebrities, multiple professional sports teams and athletes, Olympic medalists, and world record holders.

For several years of college he worked as a Credit Analyst at a large national bank, but after hours he painted and customized clothing and accessories for friends. In 2010 TOMS hired him to paint custom shoes at “Style Your Sole” events around California on the weekends. Blake loved the creativity involved and the interaction with this new clientele. Quitting his bank job in mid-2011, Blake decided to take his life in a completely new direction. He created a shop on Etsy called B Street Shoes, which was successful immediately. Custom painting sneakers was the new career and there was no turning back.

B Street Shoes was gaining a large following among custom sneaker enthusiasts. In June 2015, The New York Times visited Blake’s Costa Mesa, CA Shoedio, featuring his work in the Arts section. On the morning of July 3, Blake woke up to more than $10,000 sales on his website and tens of thousands of views. This was a turning point in exposure that brought a new fan base. The new audience catapulted B Street Shoes to a different level and brought in celebrities, sports teams, and professional athletes.

Now, instead of an 8:00 a.m. date with a cubicle, Blake starts his day with an early morning surf session. Afterward, he makes the short commute to his Shoedio, and with the B Street team, he spends the day creating custom artwork, from sneakers to murals, working with clients to help them tell their stories.

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