How Mixed Lemonade sunglasses will keep you trendy in 2019

Sunglasses are cool because they prevent others from peering into your soul. When wearing sunglasses, you can be mysterious, can assume a persona, and can speak without words by revealing your peepers over the top of the frame, by letting those shades subtly slide down your nose.

Translucent Colored Lens

Before we get into any specific shapes, let’s talk about lens color beyond shades of black or brown. This year a pair or two of translucent colored lenses are a must. You can even snag these orange frames worn by Bella Hadid right here on sale. From red to yellow, blue, pink, purple and orange. With the lighter lens these sunglasses can be worn inside too.


The translucent trend also just screams for rimless sunnies like these that create a sleek and chick look. This trend can even be worn low on your nose so that your eyes still pop.

Tiny Sunglasses

Oversized always has it’s time and place but 2019 is all about tiny. Tiny sunglasses always leave your eyebrow visible making quite the spectacle! Choose the shape that looks best on you from rectangle to round, oval or even cat eye.

Bottom Line

Not to worry if you’re apprehensive about wearing quirky sunglasses. The fashion friendly prices at Mixed Lemonade gives you the chance to order multiple pairs of new sunnies looks to try. You’re bound to find something you love from their selection of cute colors and styles!

But let’s be honest, they’re not just a seasonal trend, they’re an all-year-round must. Even when it’s not sunny, they’re still an impossibly chic way to hide those under eye bags after a night out.

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