SillyCute Heavy Duty Suction Cup Hook

On Sale! $19.50 now! Used to be $60! Do not miss this 6-Pack Giant & Strongest suction cup hanger on the market! They hold 25 pounds! If you do not want holes or nails on your bath or kitchen tiles, choose this super heavy duty suction holder! They are transparent, clear and non-intrusive, fitting any corner of your home as long as the surface is smooth and clean!

Amazon customers are saying:

“These are the best suction cups I have ever seen!!! Recently I bought a lot of cheap suction cups at local hardware stores to hang my bath towels, and none of them can hold my towels. My cotton towels can be pretty heavy when they are wet. So the first thing after I got these heavy duty ones was to test how much they could hold. Guess what? They could hold a sand bag of 40lbs for two days! Of course 40lbs is far heavier than the 10lbs loading limit the instruction manual suggests, and that can be risky if it falls and damage the floor. My wet towels is less than 10lbs. So I would not worry. All in all, these are great products. Definitely recommend to my friends!”

“I have been disappointed at many fancy suction cups in the market, simply because they do not hold! Then I was told this is the best brand. I was skeptical first, but bought six and tried them out. They are not as fancy looking as what I got before, but they do work perfect! I tried windows, bathroom tiles, refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen sink…they indeed suck and hold great! The first suction cup product that work on all smooth surfaces that I can think of! Love it!”

“I was skeptical about this product before purchase: the reviews are either 5 stars or 1 stars. FiveStars say this was the best suction cups in the world, while OneStars claim it was garbage. The seller made a lot of comments to try to communicate with OneStars, but they never answered. Maybe they are from competitors? So I decided to give a try to satisfy my curiosity…Guess what? They are the——BEST!! Exactly as what was said in those 5-star reviews. I am using them everywhere as long as you choose smooth and airtight surfaces like glass, ceramic, metal…

So Now…

Judge Judy: those 1-star reviews are misleading my customers, and they should be removed by Amazon. Period.”

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