Up Town Gurlz

Welcome to my Shopify Store—one that focuses on your better half—no matter what your body type may be. My UpTownGurlz Store is stocked with the some of the cutest, most comfortable, and even sexiest Tops, blouses, and jackets around any town! I even added a few delicate pieces of lingerie to accent your top half and even accentuate your bottom.

Letʼs face it, you can actually wear the same pair of black bottoms/pants to work at least three times a week, and no one would ever notice! However, your Top is the piece that draws the most attention and even can define your mood and personality!

I created my UpTownGurlz Top Shop so women of almost any shape and size can access awesome and affordable pieces that are sure to turn heads in her direction! At my store, every girl can be an Uptown Girl!

Visit Now : uptowngurlz.myshopify.com