Hottest Hair Trends this Summer

The beauty of natural hair is that it is extremely versatile. There’s almost no limit to what you can do with it, and there are plenty of ways you can style it to suit the season. If you’re thinking of changing up your look this summer, here are some of the hottest hair trends to try:

Tapered Haircut

A tapered haircut is the perfect summer haircut for low maintenance girls who don’t want to spend too much time fussing over their hair and prefer to keep cool in the warm weather. It is longer in the front and shorter on the sides and back to give an edgy yet still feminine vibe. It also has just enough length to still be versatile. If at any point you start to miss your long hair, invest in a high quality body wave extensions to add luxurious length that is soft and silky to the touch.

A tapered cut is also easy to grow out without passing the awkward length stage. When you’re ready to start growing out your hair again, make sure to protect and condition it to prevent split ends and breakage. You can do this by using a conditioner more often, making sure to coat each strand to lock in moisture and prevent damage. If you want to explore a natural solution, Harlem Hair Company suggests rice water for hair.

Rice water is quickly becoming popular as one of the trendiest natural solutions for black hair that is prone to split ends and breakage. Rice water is packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients that helps keep black hair strong, healthy and shiny. You can use it after shampooing, in place of your traditional conditioner, to help prevent damage and promote healthy hair growth.

Passion Twists

You’ve probably seen this popular hairstyle all over Instagram by now. This is the perfect summer hairstyle for the laid back, boho babe who has a natural, carefree style. Passion twists are similar to Marley twists except that they are installed using a wavier braiding hair to make them look curlier and extra springy. This detailed tutorial is both beginner and budget friendly, so you can enjoy a fun and pretty summer look for under $50.

Knotless Box Braids

This hairstyle was all the rage last year, but we don’t see the trend dying down anytime soon. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because it causes less tension on your scalp and doesn’t put your hair through as much pressure as regular box braids. The difference between knotless box braids and regular box braids is that knotless braids are made by adding synthetic braiding hair using a feed-in technique. This process allows your braids to feel lighter and less stressful on your scalp.

Whichever hairstyle you decide to try out this summer, make sure you protect your hair and keep it shielded from the sun’s harsh rays, which can dry out and damage your natural tresses. Be sure to generously spray on the SPF, and have a bottle of hydrating hair mist handy to keep your hair well moisturized throughout the day.