5 Essentials for Keeping Your Closet Organized

Is your closet a mess? Want to get organized? You’re in luck! We have 5 essential products that will help you organize your closet and be more productive.

Whether you have a large or small closet, making use of your space is essential.

If you’re a busy college student, it’s especially important. After all, your life will be a lot easier when you know where to find things.

When you’re constantly spending an hour digging through your closet for the perfect outfit, you’ll waste a lot of precious study time. And after you’ve torn your closet apart, you’ll have to spend another hour cleaning it up.

Stop! We have five essentials you can use to keep your closet organized. The beauty of these essentials is you can create more space in your closet, regardless of the size.

It’s time to gain control over your closet before it controls you. Check out these five essentials for keeping your wardrobe organized!

1. Shelf Dividers

Shelf dividers are perfect for organizing bags, hats, pants, sweaters, and whatever else you want. They’re a simple (and cheap) upgrade that will help you keep your closet organized.

If you want to be able to see all your belongings on the shelf, buy some acrylic dividers. To use them effectively, keep like items in each section.

For example, you might store bags in one area and hats in another. Grouping these items is far more effective than tossing them  into the closet all willy-nilly.

Remember, the goal is to get organized and stay organized, and dividers can help you do so.

2. Accessory Organizers

Do you have a ton of accessories to organize? Most of us do! If you’ve ever spent an unnecessary amount of time untangling necklaces, you’re not alone.

Take the time to regain some sanity by carving out space for accessories in your closet.

Drawer organizers are an ideal tool for wrangling large accessories. They’re a perfect place for cuffs, scarves, and belts.

If you currently store your smaller accessories (jewelry, glasses, etc.) in your closet drawer, take them out! Get a small acrylic tray for your dresser, and move them there to open up space in your closet.

You can take your newfound organization skills one step further. By hanging some hooks either on the closet wall or on the back of your door. You can find closet hooks at any big-box store, and they’ll give you a bit of extra storage space.

3. Baskets and Bins

If you have high shelves, keeping bins and baskets on the floor can be handy. That way, you can store your out-of-season clothing on the shelves and store socks, underwear, and accessories in your baskets.

Some other items you might put in your baskets include:

  • Belts
  • Tights
  • Gym clothing
  • Scarves
  • Handbags

You might also use them for clothing that doesn’t wrinkle, such as workout tops or socks.

If you already keep your clothing in a dresser outside of the closet, then you can use your bins and baskets for whatever you want. They’re a fantastic place to stash extra phone chargers and other items from around your room.

4. Closet Labels

How are you supposed to find anything without labels? Get some labels ASAP to solve this dilemma!

If you already have some baskets or clear containers in your closet, be sure to label them.

Continue to keep similar items together in one container. So, for example, keep sweatshirts in one labeled box and hats in another.

In regards to labeling, stickers work well.

Or, if you have baskets, you can use safety pins to secure labels to their surfaces. This technique is nice because you can easily switch the labels out if you decided to change your organization system.

Label everything, and you’ll know exactly where to find things when you need them.

5. Matching Hangers

Okay, so this essential may seem trivial. But if you have several different types of hangers in your closet, things can get out of hand.

For example, curved wooden hangers don’t always go well next to flat plastic hangers. And felt hangers don’t look great next to either of them. Especially if you have hangers in three or more different colors, your closet will start to look cluttered and disorganized.

So, do your best to have matching hangers. And if you have a few different types, group similar ones together. This will allow you to give your closet a cool, curated look instead of a messy and disheveled one.


Ready to get organized?

Well, take a few minutes to gather up bins, baskets, and other storage-friendly containers. You might have some storage containers already lying around in your apartment. They’re waiting for you to use them!

Use what you have first before buying anything else. That way, you’ll be able to get organized and save some money.

And remember:

You don’t need to organize your closet in a day. Sometimes, it takes a bit longer than that. As long as you’re continually working to get (and stay) organized, you’ll find that you’re happier and more productive. Your days of digging through your closet to find stuff are going to be a thing of the past!

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