An Exclusive Interview With Multi-talented Travel Photographer Blake Rubin

Blake Rubin is a multi-talented travel photographer and the owner of the Philadelphia based, Blake Photography. Rubin got into the act at a fairly young age because she enjoys creative arts. Her areas of expertise include travel photography, portrait photography and event photography. Rubin understands the importance of discipline, flexibility and motivation in photography. Her daily work schedule covers all the things she wants to accomplish, both on and after the shoot. When she is not shooting, Rubin attends to everyday discourses like meeting clients and scheduling photo shoots. She also takes the time to read and respond to emails and update her online portfolio. Blake Rubin photography finds inspiration in everyday life experiences such as travelling, reading photography books and attending motivational workshops. Blake has visited many countries around the world, including Germany and Italy.

What was your inspiration to become a photographer?

Photography helps capture the moments we want to relive in life. I wanted to become a photographer to make these moments more fun and enlivening. Inspired by magazine photographers and travel feature writers, my interest in photography levitated a notch higher while in college. From here, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in photography.

Describe how you made the big break into travel photography?

Travel blogging has a way of stretching the mind and perspective on issues. This perspective is evident when you take stock of cultural diversity and prolific human architectures around. I made the lucky break when my blog started attracting the attention of friends and corporate sponsors. I soon monetized the venture by co-opting affiliate marketing and paid campaigns.

Could you describe your work?

Travel photography means much more than traveling and shooting on location. The work entails operating video and still cameras and shooting different subjects at different times and places. The other important equipment’s in my photography arsenal include filters, reflectors and tripods. When I am off the shoot, I use computer software to edit and produce final prints.

Photography equipment can be heavy, what equipment’s are essential when traveling?

The essential items in my travel carriage bag include: the lens, SD cards, digital camera, extra battery, filters and lightweight tripod that is compatible with my mirrorless camera. I have a lightweight Olympus Mark III camera that features manual mode, MFT sensor, LCD touch display and inbuilt Wi-Fi connection. The camera comes in handy whenever I want to travel light or shoot a brief assignment.

What overtures do you usually apply for approaching people to take part in a photo?

Photography is a learned trade. My advice to any individual approaching people to partake in a photo session is first, ask for permission. If you are in a foreign land or an unfamiliar territory, it helps to learn a few local words to endear yourself and remember to get a guide familiar with the place.

State the biggest challenges you’ve had to encounter to get the photo you want?

When I was still learning the ropes, I had to contend with recurring challenges such as clipping of overexposed images and noisy exposures. I came to learn that clipping occurs when an image is overexposed. The problem usually manifests when bright parts of an object turn completely white during the capture. The problem can easily be overcome by paying attention to clipping alerts and checking the histogram. The opposite is true when it comes to noise. The problem is likely to occur when the camera ISO is set too high, thereby causing underexposure.

What tips would you offer amateur photographers looking for an opportunity to take better travel photos?

Planning is the crucial first step. Once you are all set and ready to go, you need great composition and a unique moment to take your shot. The latter may mean anything from capturing the latest trending event to the most outstanding monument in town. Even with great composition and unique moment, you still need to tell a story to complete the picture. A great place to start would be shooting at an historical or momentous event.

What characteristics does a travel photographer need to succeed?

If you are passionate about travel photography, you need to be creative; have an eye for details and possess good people skills. Good people skill is essential since you will be working with diverse groups of people. On the other hand, having an eye on details will help you appreciate the value of key elements of photography like lighting, emotion, storytelling and composition. Creativity is by all measure the most desired quality in a travel photographer. Allowing imagination and creativity to spring into action whenever a photo opportunity comes up can make all the difference between a triumph and disappointment.