We caught up with the young trendsetter to learn more about his style and thoughts about life.

Who are your style icons? 

That is an easy one, Karl Lagerfeld, Hedi Slimane Cobain, Michael Hutchence.. the list goes on.

What would you describe the personal style of Steves Peeps ?

I wear alot of different looks, so I would say drapey, black, leather. Anything with an eye catching silhouette.

Where do you like to shop? 

Net- A- Porter, Barney’s, Etsy.

How do you keep your skin so clean and clear? 

Hydration, moisturizer. Naomi Campbell’s stylist once told me drink water 24/7. You are what you eat ! (or in this case drink)

Are you recognized more now when you are out? 

Sometimes it is weird because I am still this shy skinny guy , I am still not used to people coming up to me saying hey ( but you can ! )

I’m sure people tell you this all of the time, but you seem very wise. : I am a 90 year old in a 20 somethings body. But to be honest I believe in positive energy, just being nice to everyone spreading positive vibrations !

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