Gemini Duet (John Britsas- Amalia Moerman) Somewhere, West Side Story

Dear Amalia and John, John and Amalia, You formed an amazing DUO, we have heard your single and its amazing beautiful voices. How did you decided to form this Duo?

Answer: It wasn’t so hard to decide it, we appreciate each other so it was inevitable for us to sing together.

What is the reason you have success at your job?

Answer: We love what we do, we practice a lot and we always try to give our best. We are professional singers with excellent training and passion for our job!

Is it hard to be a musician nowadays?

Answer: It is so hard, in our profession the competition is big and the opportunities are getting fewer day by day.

You are both classical singers, but sing also contemporary. Which style you like the most?

Answer: It is not very easy to choose because every kind of music makes us feel special while we sing any song.

John and Amalia, young, beautiful, amazing voices! What is the best thing you have ever heard from a fan?

Answer: A fan once told me after he saw me performing that he couldn’t believe that I am able to perform like that, he thought I guess that I can’t sing at all. (amalia) For me was a lady that she told me with tears in her eyes that I took her back in time…was wonderful to hear!

Where do you perform, will you do more recordings?

Answer: Many things are about to come. We have to keep on waiting to announce for sure, it’s an order. ( hahahahaha)

Our fans will ask…and we want to know…is Amalia and John together in life? Or only on Stage?

Answer: We are definitely together on stage. In life….who knows?! We won’t share this information!

What is music and singing for you?

Answer:  The answer is simple, our whole life.

When Gemini Duo will perform in the US?

Answer: We would like to perform there as soon as possible. It’s in our direct plans.

Can you share an advice with our fans? What would you advice a young musician today?

Answer: Practice practice and practice. Be patient and believe in your dreams! Everything is possible.