Interview with the famous Business Strategic Consultant Shari Beth

Your Coaching business becomes more and more famous. What do you offer to your clients?

We offer 1:1 sessions helping others launch their businesses. We go through the entire process together on everything that you need in order to start your business step by step. When people are feeling overwhelmed we break everything down into bite size pieces so it is easily digestible. Finally, we help you launch your business and bring it to the market.

 How did it all start?

My interest in technology came early on as a child. As I got older I was interested in web design so I taught myself how to code simple HTML, CSS and javascript. I later on got more involved in learning more design skills and took a course to learn UX/UI in Miami. While working with clients          I found a love for helping others create businesses. Now I work with people helping them create the life they have always dreamed of.

Why do companies need consultants? What does client gets from your sessions?         

I think of it like asking why a professional athlete needs a coach. They help them get through the

steps and teach them how to be better. Not only when it comes to the strategies but the way that they go about their day. Do you think that a professional athlete would be as successful if they had no coaches. The same goes for consultants and business coaches… we help shape greatness.

Clients receive the attention their projects deserve. It is not just about getting x,y,z done for them  but truly understanding each party’s expectations. Having communication throughout the entire process and creating the results that they are looking for.

What inspires you in your profession?

When I see others succeeding and achieving something that they never thought could be possible.

You helped many entrepreneurs worldwide, what this means for you?

It is amazing… it inspires me to work more and to reach others so that they can finally create the life and the freedom they’ve always wanted.

Can you share with us how a business consultancy session with Shari Beth is?

We get on the phone and I ask you questions about your business. I give advice right off the and will be able to tell you if we would be a good fit to work together. Once we are working together we formulate a plan so that all expectations are met.

What is the best thing that you ever heard from a client?

“If it was not for you I would have never thought that it would be possible to start my own business”

“You have touched my life… I now know that I can achieve what I have always dreamed I could” When I was told those things… I knew that I was in total alignment with my purpose and I wanted to hear it again and again.

What makes a business successful?

Consistency is key. I believe that as long as you remain consistent you can achieve anything.

Where can people find out more about you or your services?

Check me out on social media → add me on facebook Sharibeth → add my instagram shineyourlightonit and contact me on my website →


Do not give up on yourself.

Thank you for this amazing Interview!

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